Course Evaluation Dates for 201510
Spring 2015

Part of Terms
1Full Term04/16/201505/03/2015
314 Week Weekend Courses04/18/201505/03/2015
4AFirst 7 Week Courses02/22/201503/01/2015
5ASecond 7 Week Courses04/26/201505/03/2015
EFirst 6 Week Courses02/15/201502/22/2015
FLast 6 Week Courses04/26/201505/03/2015
GFirst 9 Week Courses03/12/201503/22/2015
H14 Week Courses04/17/201505/03/2015
NLast 9 Week Courses04/23/201505/03/2015
PFirst 5 Week Courses02/08/201502/15/2015
QLast 5 Week Courses04/26/201505/03/2015
WSecond 5 Week Courses03/22/201503/29/2015
ZFlex Courses04/16/201505/03/2015

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